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SAEMS Supports the Aqualibrium Competition

Originally started in South Africa in 2012, The Aqualibrium competition is a fun way to learn about water supplies, what civil engineers do, and the importance of protecting our water resources. The aim of the competition is to distribute three liters of water equally between three reservoirs (containers) placed randomly on a grid of 16 points. Participants build a pipe network between a water source and the three reservoirs using pipes of different diameters. The competition presents an excellent reference point to discuss the importance of preserving natural water resources and the need to use water sparingly, as well as the application of physics and mathematics to a real-life engineering problem. While the competition is simple to understand and fun to do, the underlying problem is highly complex: the three small reservoirs can be placed in more than 3,000 combinations, and potentially there are 280 billion possible pipe networks for each one of these combinations. However, this underlying complexity doesn’t make the competition more difficult to participate in – it remains a great deal of fun! The project has finished its pilot run at Ironwood Ridge High School in Oro Valley with a generous donation from SAEMS and over 30 schools across southern Arizona will be participating in this event next fall.


Past Events

SAEMS Presents – Reception with ADEQ Director Misael Cabrera, PE

ADEQ.jpgOn November 5, 2015, SAEMS hosted a Reception for the newly appointed Director of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), Misael Cabrera, P.E.  Over sixty SAEMS members and others attended the event and the support from our sponsors was overwhelming. Prior to Director Cabrera’s presentation, attendees enjoyed exclusive access to the exhibits at the Arizona History Museum, cocktails and appetizers, and most importantly, good company.

Director Cabrera’s presentation did not disappoint as he is an engaging, personable, and dynamic speaker. His ‘conversation’ with the audience covered multiple improvements that are being implemented at ADEQ and areas where he still seeks improvement. The central theme throughout the presentation was the importance of lean management and system efficiency for the agency. At the end of his presentation, Director Cabrera entertained several questions from the audience and provided business cards. 

As with any successful event, there are people to thank at the end. First the Board would like to thank our members and sponsors—despite being a free event, SAEMS was able to generate over $1,500 dollars for the scholarship fund through the generosity of both. The Board would also like to thank the efforts of the volunteer committee that organized the event (Committee Chair: Heather Shoemaker, Committee Members: Barb Ricca, Ken Asch, Casilda Quinones, and Frank Bonillas). Without their efforts we would have not been able to make this event happen. And lastly, I would like to thank the Board for all their hard work during the planning of the event (and special kudos to Pat Hartshorne, our Communications Coordinator, for responding so quickly when we needed to make changes to the flyer).

We look forward to being able to host more events like this in the future and hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Best Regards,

Derek Koller, SAEMS President

2015 Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) Fair

SAEMS is a proud sponsor of SARSEF, the regional science competition created by the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation to be held March 9-14, 2015. Every year, several of our very own SAEMS members volunteer as judges for this event, which includes the best science projects selected from kindergarten through high school students in Southern Arizona. If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer experience, go to their website at

2014 Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) Fair

SAEMS is a proud sponsor for the Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Fair, which will be taking place on Tuesday March 11, 2014 at the Tucson Convention Center. Volunteer to be a judge for this great event! Elementary and Middle School judging takes place from 7:30 AM to12:30 PM. High School Judging is from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM or 5:30 PM if you are a category team leader. Breakfast and lunch will be provided! More information on dates, times, and directions can be found at this link: Link to judge sign up forms:

AzRC Selected as a GREEN OUT Day Charity at 2014 Waste Management Phoenix Open!

The Arizona Recycling Coalition has been selected as one of three benefiting charities in the Waste Management Phoenix Open GREEN OUT for Charity! On Saturday, February 1, 2014 the tournament is inviting everyone to participate in the fourth annual GREEN OUT. Waste Management and The Thunderbirds encourage players and tournament attendees to wear green and for every person who wears green on Saturday, tournament host, The Thunderbirds, will donate "green" to three charities. Now they need YOUR help by voting for Arizona Recycling Coalition on Facebook! Fran LaSala, Environmental Manager with the City of Tucson Environmental Services is an elected board member to the AZRC and would appreciate your support for the AZRC. All you have to do is go to the following link and vote for the AZRC. You can actually vote daily, so as they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often. The link is

SAEMS Celebrates 20 Years!

The 20th Anniversary celebration held on December 12, 2007 was an incredible event. Many of the Founding Members and past Board members were in attendance. They, as well as, long-standing members, dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors were all recognized and thanked.
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20 Years of Hazmatters!

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