Executive Committee

SAEMS Executive Board Members

The SAEMS Executive Committee increases membership value through effective leadership, rapid dissemination of information, pursuit of opportunities to expand our sphere of influence, active engagement of Committee members, and seeking membership input.



  • Incorporate more emphasis on Health & Safety
  • Improve member relations
  • Continue working on becoming a primary vehicle for PDEQ/ADEQ for information & activity dissemination
  • Improve the web site
  • Expand the education program's emphasis
  • Continue to increase local & Southern AZ membership
  • Continue supporting/expanding partnerships
Ouatfa Chuffe-Moscoso

Ouatfa Chuffe-Moscoso


Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Pima Community College | Tucson, Arizona

Ouatfa is a Chemist and Environmental Engineer with over 15 years of experience in permitting, compliance, and project management relating to hazardous waste, wastewater, air quality, construction, occupational and fire safety. As the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, she is responsible for ensuring that ten (10) facilities are in compliance with Pima County and Arizona's Hazardous Waste Management Program and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) in addition to multiple Occupational Health & Safety and Fire & Life Safety compliance requirements. Ouatfa was born and raised in Mexico in a small town 4 hours down the border.  She has been a member of the SAEMS since 2009.

Derek Sizemore

Derek Sizemore

Vice President

Field Scientist Terracon | Tucson, AZ

Derek is an experienced environmental consultant conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs); asbestos and LBP building inspections; and field investigations including soil and soil vapor sampling. Derek has also been an active volunteer with SAEMS since 2015 and has enjoyed working alongside Tucson Clean and Beautiful and other SAEMS volunteers to pick up trash along Tucson's highways and roads, particularly SAEMS’ adopted highway mile. Derek graduated from the University of Arizona and enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking.

Elizabeth Kasik

Elizabeth Kasik


Business Development Manager at Turner Laboratories Inc. | Phoenix, Arizona

Elizabeth has been in the environmental testing industry for 23 years. She moved to Arizona from Illinois after receiving a BS in Biology from the University of Iowa. She worked for TestAmerica Laboratories for over 22 years and held a number of positions with them including chemist, QA Manager, Laboratory Director as well as Client Services Director. She was most recently an Account Executive for TestAmerica. She is currently the Business Development Manager at Turner Laboratories, Inc and enjoys assisting clients with their analytical testing needs and challenges. She has been active in SAEMS for a number of years and held the Treasure position since November of 2015.

David Mack

David Mack


Industrial Stormwater Coordinator | ADOT | Tucson, Arizona

David Mack believes in clean water and efficiency. He attempts to perform both these functions every day while working as the Industrial Stormwater Coordinator for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Sometimes it’s hard to achieve both but he feels his 15+ years of experience has taught him a thing or two since graduating from the University of Arizona.

Patricia M. Hartshorne

Patricia M. Hartshorne

Communications Coordinator

Project Manager at SCS Engineers | Tucson, AZ

Pat has been the SAEMS Communications Coordinator since January 2013, and was a previous SAEMS Secretary for two terms. She has degrees in geosciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (BS) and from the University of Arizona (MS), as well as a previous degree in Commercial Art. She is currently a Project Manager at the environmental engineering and consulting firm SCS Engineers, where she has been employed for over 28 years.

Non-Voting Board Members

Jay Zandell

Jay Zandell


Mr. Zandell is a strong voice for the environmental industry, an avid leader in our community, and visionary for a strong organization that is tied into industry and community. Having worked for both large and small companies as well as owned his own, he has been exposed to the intricacies and challenges facing us daily. Currently, Mr. Zandell serves as Director of Business Development for Overley’s Environmental and Industrial Solutions and Secretary of the Board for Environmental Professional of Arizona (EPAZ). Mr. Zandell has enjoyed tremendous success launching new initiatives, committees, and events that serve the better interest of all involved and brings the passion and energy to SAEMS in the same capacity.

Let’s create the future SAEMS together and bring it to life in a capacity that benefits our members, individuals, organizations, community, and the beautiful environment we live in!

Derek Koller

Derek Koller

SAEMS Historian

Environmental Department Manager at Terracon | Tucson, Arizona

Mr. Koller is the Environmental Department Manager for Terracon in their Tucson, Arizona Office and has been a SAEMS Member since 2008. Mr. Koller served as SAEMS Secretary from 2012 to 2014, as President during the 2015 – 2016 term, and is the currently the SAEMS Historian. Additionally, Mr. Koller has been a member of the SAEMS RCRA Conference for several years and has acted as Conference Coordinator for the last two years, and is active on the SAEMS Social Media Committee. Mr. Koller graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health with a B.S. in Public Health with a focus on Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health and is working on his Masters in Public Health at the U of A.

At home he gets to spend time with his lovely wife Tanya and their three beautiful daughters Alex, Jesse, and Bella and their three male companions: Einstein (dog), Saban (cat and yes, named after the head coach at the University of Alabama), and Cranberry (fish).